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Spandex oriental SL was founded in 2008 in Spain the business covered Europe the company specialized clothing accessories agent import and export trade Its core business is the agent of the Qianxi spandex of China Huafeng group We are the distributor of Huafeng in Europe with a market share of 50 and has been increasing Beginning in 2015 the company gradually put the business cover the domestic market the future goal of domestic and foreign clothing accessories market industry for the extraordinary

Categories and Products

Conventional Spandex

15D Spandex

High quality 15D knitting spandex Circular knitting machine single-sided cloth 15D spandex Knitted T-shirt lightweight fabric 15D spandex 15D spandex for knitted socks Spandex 15D Pantyhose for Women 15D spandex undershirt cloth 

20D Spandex

High Quality Fabric Woven 20D Spandex Swimsuit beach 20D spandex fiber 20D spandex fiber makes seamless underwear ACY weaving sportswear with 20D spandex 20D Weft Spandex Fabric for Outdoor Garment 20D white spandex bare yarn 

30D Spandex

Core Spun 30d Spandex Covered Yarn 30D spandex raw materials to do double-sided cloth 30D Spandex made of SCY woven fabric Throwing twisted yarn by 30D spandex 30D spandex for socks knitting 30D high twist spandex covered yarn 30D white transparent spandex 

40D Spandex

40D spandex for warp-knitting fabrics Mesh knitted fabric with 40D spandex 40D spandex for poly spun velour 40D spandex for Core Spun Yarn 40D Spandex Mesh Fabric Polyester Air Covered Yarn Spandex Special 40D spandex for face mask 

Differentiated Spandex

Chlorine-resistant Spandex

High elasticity chlorine-resistant spandex Professional swimwear with differentiated spandex Durable chlorine resistant spandex Chlorine-resistant spandex for jeans 

High-temperature Resistant Spandex

High-temperature resistant spandex High temperature resistant spandex for light elastic fabric Heat-resistant spandex for industrial weaving Heat resistant spandex for textile yarns 

Spandex For Warp-knitting Fabrics

Spandex for high-grade warp-knitting fabrics Heat-resistant warp knitting spandex First-rate chlorine resistance spandex Spandex warp knitting fabric for swimwear fabric Warp-knitting spandex for liners Spandex stretched elastic lace 

Spandex For Super Soft Pile Fabric

Spandex for super soft pile fabric Spandex for poly spun velour poly spun velour spandex for thermal underwear Poly spun velour for plush toys Warp knitting poly spun velour spandex 

Conventional Warp-knitting Spandex

Conventional Warp-knitting Spandex Ordinary warp knitted fabric spandex Spandex Warp Knitting Lace Fashion lace spandex fabric Polyeater Spandex Fabric for Garment 

Acid Dyeable Spandex

Acid Dyeable Spandex Elastic fabric dyeing spandex Dyeable Fabric Spandex Yarns Spandex for Knitting Dyed Polyester Yarn 

Spandex For Fabric Ribbon

Easy-dyeing Spandex for Fabric Ribbon Spandex for bare yarn tapes Elastic Ribbon for Spandex Covered Spandex Yarn Spandex for clothes elastic band 

Black Spandex

Pure black spandex Deep color fabrics spandex Black Spandex Fabric for Sportswear Spandex stretch black fabric Black spandex knitted denim fabric 

Low-temperature Adhesive Spandex

Low-temperature Adhesive Spandex Easy adhesive spandex for pantyhose hosiery Easy adhesive spandex for stockings Spandex for frivolous close-fitting sports clothing 

Color Spandex

Spandex of different colors Special color spandex fabric Spandex jacquard fabric with color Color Spandex Knitting Yarn DTY Color Spandex Yarn 

Diaper Spandex

Adult/baby diapers spandex Spandex Raw Material for Baby Diapers Raw materials adult diaper elastic spandex Special spandex yarn for paper diaper Spandex for Baby Diaper Leg cuff 

Concept Spandex

Thermal Spandex

Low temperature thermal spandex Thermal spandex for underwear Thermal spandex for bedding Thermal spandex for outdoor clothing Thermal spandex for winter clothing 

Fragrant Spandex

Persistent fragrance Spandex Fragrant spandex for interior decorative Fragrant spandex for underwear Fragrant spandex for Camisole 

Anti-bacterial Spandex

Anti-bacterial sanitary spandex Medical antibacterial spandex Anti-bacterial spandex for medical fabrics Anti-bacterial spandex for interior decoration cloth 

Hygroscopic Spandex

Moisture absorption quick drying spandex Quick drying spandex fabric Hygroscopic spandex for sportswear Hygroscopic spandex for towel 

Degradable Spandex

Degradable environmental protection spandex Degradable Environmental Disposable Baby Diapers Degradable spandex for medical bandages Degradable spandex for circular knitting Degradable spandex for CSY 

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